Suds Narasimhan Google Cloud Next Testimonials

October 04, 2021

Video Transcript

What are you most excited for during Google Cloud Next '21?

Hello folks, my name is Suds and I am a product manager on Vertex AI Google Next is one of my favorite annual Google events because it brings together all the hard work a lot of our teams have done in order to solve critical customer problems. This year has been a very special year for Vertex AI. We announced Vertex AI at Google I/O in May and the customer excitement and response to Vertex AI has been amazing. Our teams have been busy since then building new services capabilities and enhancements to Vertex AI and we're super excited to talk about all of them at Next this year. This year we'll be talking about new ways for customers to interact with our data and AI services to quickly develop and deploy data science workflows. We'll also be talking about additional ML Ops capabilities that will simplify the ML deployment and productionization process for customers. Finally, I'm most excited about customer conversations during Next and sharing how customers are using Vertex AI as their single AI platform to develop and deploy machine learning at scale. This year we're excited to hear from Twitter and Wayfair about how they are using Vertex AI to deliver critical machine learning capabilities. All of this will be a part of our "Vertex AI is now easier for developers" session So please join us at Next 21 between October 12 and 14th um and I hope you're able to join our session during that time um and learn more. In the meanwhile you can go to our Cloud Next 21 page to learn more information about our Vertex session, as well as other sessions like hands on labs and keynotes from senior GCP leaders. I'm looking forward to Next 21 and I hope to see you there. Thank you.

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