Databases at Google Cloud Next

September 27, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Natan Sągol, Research Software Engineer at Dott

What are you most excited for at Google Cloud Next '21?

Natan Sągol: Mhm. Each year at Next, I learn about new functionalities and products, which I can incorporate in my designs, changing them for the better. This event is a celebration of continuous improvement, empowering developers across the world to progress. It's amazing to see how advancements in Google Cloud enable so many new possibilities, which we couldn't achieve before.

Why should someone tune in for your session?

Natan Sągol: Web applications as well as mobile ones, change the way we live our lives. In my session, I explain how Firestore and other Google Cloud products have an impact on our daily physical life - how we use these technologies at Dott to free our cities with clean rights for everyone.

What excites you most about partnering with Google for your database experience?

Natan Sągol: The amount of information that today's applications need to process far exceeds capabilities of any solutions that we traditionally used to work with. Google is a specialist in designing for scale, so partnering with them on cloud databases allows us to create unmatched experiences for millions around the world. That's very exciting.

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