Crux & Google Cloud

September 28, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Michael Rude, Chief Operating Officer at Crux Informatics

What solution and architecture did you decide on and why did you decide to choose Google Cloud?

Michael Rude: Crux is 100% cloud native and a little known fact we were born in Google Cloud, but our original cloud data warehouse was not BigQuery. We made the switch to BigQuery last year on the back of a discovery exercise with the product teams at Google. We found that there are a number of advantages of running all of the data on the Crux platform through BigQuery and we'll discuss some of those advantages shortly. But performance and BigQuery's pricing model were among the biggest factors for the move.

How do BigQuery and other GCP products help Crux?

Michael Rude: Beyond pricing, choosing BigQuery provides other advantages to Crux, including the ability to integrate and access other Google Cloud tools and services. Some examples include: Crux can data share to any Google client, enabling clients to choose when and when not to materialize data. We use Google's Pub/Sub to send electronic notifications to clients so that they can build automation around their data processing. We use BigQuery's data sharing capabilities to share schemas and semantic metadata making data on BigQuery easier to use. We're even ingesting live FX prices directly into BigQuery for consumers to ingest. Lastly, BigQuery's support for cross-region replication without any additional costs is incredibly powerful. At the end of the day, we're making for a delightful experience for mutual clients: cheaper, faster, better access to data and Google Cloud.

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