Shai Bareket for Climate Resource Group Customer Testimonial Video

September 29, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shai Bareket, Co-Founder, OMG Maine Cannabis

Could you describe how Climate Resources Group helped you?

Shai Bareket: Climate resources and Sam helped us supply and and get approved for, an Efficiency Maine grant for using LED energy-efficient lights, which is something we're proud and happy to do anyways. And that was a nice, easy process.

How would you describe Climate Resources Group in three words?

Shai Bareket: They're knowledgeable, helpful, and responsible.

Why is Climate Resources Group different from other similar products or services?

Shai Bareket: They're there for you throughout the entire process, they make it easy. They get they get paid from the back-end from whatever they get you, so that's that's pretty nice and kind of risk free, and they're just good people.

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