Diana+Mark [The Marriage UpGrade]

February 14, 2023

Hear about Diana and Mark's experience in The Marriage UpGrade and how you can benefit from doing this work too.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Diana+Mark

What's changed in your marriage since joining the program?

Diana+Mark: One of the most noticeable things that's changed in our marriage is the frequency with which we argue or have disagreements. And also the intensity of those disagreements has been greatly reduced, were also able to bounce back much faster than we ever did from a disagreement. And I think both of us really want to kind of reconcile and um try try again. So that's that's definitely a big improvement for us. Yeah. I think the substance of our conversation has also dramatically changed where we can have deeper conversations and the motive behind the conversations is to get at like why and what the other's thinking.

What's been most helpful about being in the group?

Diana+Mark: Most helpful thing about being in the group. Um is that it's really grounding to see that our issues are not these make or break issues or just something that only our marriage has to deal with. And it's reassuring um to feel like that these are just human problems that a lot of relationships go through. Um And it makes me a lot more hopeful that these are solvable problems. Yeah. It's also extremely helpful to not only learn from other couples but to like provide them the solutions when we have come up with something that might help them and might save them time to get into the end result. So for us could could most definitely work for them. And I think that's super, super helpful.

Why should a couple join The Marriage UpGrade?

Diana+Mark: A couple should consider joining the marriage upgrade and they find themselves stuck in the same ruts and they're trying to get out and they're trying to find a new trajectory in a new direction and build patterns and habits that are productive and that move the relationship forward. If that's a place they find themselves married upgrade is a great way to change your trajectory and find a real hopeful future ahead of you. Yeah, it offers a chance to be vulnerable and that vulnerability kind of helps start the conversation of what you need to work on where you're going to go and I mean even just also where you've come from, I think that's also super important too. So put all together, it's just a chance to really open up and explore a different side of yourself, explore a different side of your partner and to see how that comes together so that you can be really the best couple you can be.

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