Kevin A. Guttman-Video Testimonial

February 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kevin A. Guttman, Reverse Mortgage Specialist & Sr. Mortgage Broker, C2 Financial

Kevin A. Guttman: Hi, I'm Kevin Guttman. I'm a Senior Mortgage Broker and Reverse Mortgage Specialist in Colorado, and I'm thrilled to have been working with Client Machines to record some whiteboard videos for me. And the goal of the videos was to educate people about reverse mortgages, to shorten the sales cycle, and help people understand how they work and why they can be beneficial to somebody entering or in retirement.

First, tell us what you were trying to accomplish. Then, tell us how things went.

Kevin A. Guttman: So, as we started, Client Machines was just professional from beginning to end, timely responses, great quality, whatever edits needed to be made - which weren't very many - got done quickly, and they were just a joy to work with, did a great job. I'm just very happy with the end product, and obviously it's working because people are watching them and my business keeps coming in. And I attribute a lot of it to the education that we provide through the videos that we did with Client Machines.

What's one take away you can share about how we impacted your business?

Kevin A. Guttman: Reverse mortgages are very misunderstood, and therefore underutilized. So getting these videos done, you know, minute to a minute and a half, have been really helpful because they're evergreen. One, that means they, you know, have a shelf life that doesn't expire, but also multiple people can watch them. So, the client, the family, the advisors or whatever. So, it's just been great, saving me a lot of time having to repeat the same information, because basically what we did is we created an FAQ for the frequently asked questions that people ask when it comes to a reverse mortgage. So I'm very satisfied with the end product and highly recommend Client Machines.

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