Mychal Eagleson-Case Study

February 16, 2023

Video Transcript

Jill Addison: So I remember last time we talked about what had happened with your month in July where you got these nine clients in one month. I remember you saying, "yeah it's really nice when you've done all the work in the past and then it just you just watch it roll in!" Yes, emails start coming in, and and the phone starts ringing and you know it's people who want to talk to you. And that's that's a good feeling. Especially when, you know, a lot of my marketing, I do a lot of marketing on the ground as well. And you know, that can be hard work, and so to not have to go out and do that, just to have it come in, and say hey - I found you on the web. That's really nice. Yeah. So, tell us just kind of an overview - broad strokes - how did you do it? How did you create a digital marketing presence that was able to generate that volume of new clients? I've got a multipronged approach to digital marketing. So, you know I've got my website, and I pay a professional. So it's a good looking website. I write and I post that to my blog. I use the videos from FA Client Machine (now Client Machines.) And I put those on my blog. I share all of those out through my social media channels - through Facebook, through LinkedIn, through Twitter. And you know then I combine that with SEO. Which you know all of those things I just mentioned... helps with SEO.

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