Keri White for ClearDesk Testimonial Videos

February 08, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Keri White, Real Estate Agent , The Agency

Introduce yourself! Tell us a little bit about you and your business.

Keri White: Hi, I'm Keri White and I am a real estate agent at The Agency in Los Angeles. I've been doing real estate for 17 years and I find having a team, especially a virtual team, to be absolutely an indispensable part of my business.

Why did you hire ClearDesk?

Keri White: We hired ClearDesk because we need a lot of help. We have a lot of back end things that we need done like spreadsheets and following up with contacts keeping people and properties organized. We need uploading photos, organizing photos, property descriptions, keeping clients updated, organizing databases, scheduling, marketing. We just have endless, endless things that we need help with on the back end. And when we're on the team were running around a lot day to day. So having someone that's on their computer 24/7 during the work day is absolutely extremely helpful. They open escrow, they organize all of our information for us and it is very, very helpful. We hired ClearDesk because we needed more hands on deck behind the scenes on the computer 24/7.

How is it working with ClearDesk and why do you love it?

Keri White: We love working with ClearDesk because they make the process very transparent. They have a spreadsheet, they send us with the things are virtual assistants are working on, they check in with us. They offer a lot of support and help to make sure that we're getting the most out of our virtual assistant. Our virtual assistant is also very accessible during the day. They show up on time, they stay interactive, they ask questions, they use our our systems to make sure that we're all staying on task. They make sure we're not giving them too much or too little. We get morning check ins, we get end of day reports. So it's very helpful to have somebody have a team of people that are there to support you so that we can help support our team of clients and stay in business and get referrals, right? We've had a great experience working with ClearDesk and I highly recommend them if you're in the real estate business to help you with all of your transactional details on the back end.

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