Mica Harvey for ClearDesk

December 03, 2021

Video Transcript

Introduce yourself! Tell us a little bit about you and your business.

Mica Harvey: Hi everybody. My name is Mica Harvey and I own and operate the website virtualassistantassistant.com virtualassistantassistant.com which is the world's first and largest online resource and directory for those looking to hire an outsourcing service or a virtual assistant company.

Why did you partner up with ClearDesk and why do you LOVE it?

I'm happy to say ClearDesk has been a partner of ours for the past year and I've referred many happy clients to them as reflected on our website you can see they have an excellent star rating, you can read the reviews, they're all positive of whether you're needing help managing your personal life or you're thinking of starting a business or you need help building your business, ClearDesk has a team that's able to support you and your needs. They offer a free consultation call a free trial period and there really isn't anything to lose by taking advantage of starting the process. My clients love the flexibility of multiple time zones that they work in as well as the multiple languages that ClearDesk offers. They also offer very competitive rates for being a company based in the United States and I think if you're hiring a virtual assistant, I highly recommend taking advantage of that consultation call because you have nothing to lose. Um take a look at their listing page

Would you highly recommend ClearDesk?

Take a look at their listing page on virtualassistantassistant.com to read more glowing reviews from my clients, read more about their services that they offer. You can see they have a great response time, great rates and they've saved my clients many hours and many dollars by hiring their services. So I would highly recommend working with ClearDesk if you're looking to hire a virtual assistant in the future.

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