How Clari Helps Privacera Attain Revenue Accuracy

October 11, 2022

Dan Brault, Head of Sales Operations at Privacera, shares how Clari's platform and customer teams help them run revenue with rigor.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Dan Brault, Head of Sales Operations, Privacera

Briefly share your role and what your organization does.

Dan Brault: Hi, my name is Dan Brault. I'm the head of sales operations for Privacera. We're a data access services provider that works with large enterprises to make sure that they're providing access and governance to their data platforms quickly yet responsibly.

What did Privacera's revenue process look like pre-Clari?

Dan Brault: Well, prior to Clari, I'd say our forecasting process revenue process was ad hoc and inconsistent. And with Clari, we've been able to establish a weekly forecasting cadence that is built around very clear milestones for opportunity assessment that needs to be validated with our prospects and customers. And it has allowed our teams to get much more effective and accurate at making their weekly calls.

Can you share a time when Clari has helped you in your role?

Dan Brault: I'd have to say that Waterfall is the component of Clari that has helped me the most. It's given me an easy way to show net changes on a week, on week basis to our pipeline and our forecast to our senior leaders, which was a pain point up until having that capability. Very manual. This is on an ongoing basis, saving me a lot of time and effort.

How does Clari help with revenue rigor at Privacera?

Dan Brault: I think our rigor didn't exist before we architected and then deployed Clari. We're in a much better place than we were. But I would say that one of the biggest advantages that it has provided to us is it's made our reps more accountable and it's empowered them to make sure that they're responsible in terms of predicting and forecasting what they think they're going to be able to do with their businesses in a way that makes them think hard about what their commits are and what their calls are and the steps that they need to take to make sure that they can meet those. And I think we're in a much stronger place with our entire sales team in terms of having accountability there, compared to how we were prior to establishing our operating cadence with Clari.

What's been your experience partnering with the customer success team at Clari?

Dan Brault: Mohak and Suhail have been terrific they're supportive, they're patient, extremely knowledgeable and they've been great at providing best practices and what they've seen across their customer base in a way that we can easily implement. And they've been also very supportive in terms of making sure that we understand how to take advantage of the new features and capabilities that Clari is making available. So we've been very pleased and actually excited about how the team has supported us.

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