Why CFO Karen Walker Uses Clari Every Day

January 05, 2023

Karen Walker, CFO at Sysdig, shares how she relies on Clari for a single source of truth.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Karen Walker, CFO, Sysdig

Karen Walker: My name is Karen Walker and I'm the CFO of Sysdig. Sysdig is a security company for cloud native architecture. We help our customers protect their software applications from source to run. We help them identify, vulnerabilities and threats in real time, with no wasted time and no blind spots.

How does Clari help instill confidence in the operating plan?

Karen Walker: I use Clari on a daily basis to give me a single source of truth and a good view on how the quarter is progressing everything, from looking at the pipeline to looking at how deals are progressing to detailed notes. I think it's particularly helpful as the go to market function is scaling to very efficiently get a good beat on where the quarter will land.

How does Clari help with optimizing resources and capital allocation?

Karen Walker: Clari makes it easy to view top line forecast pipeline progression at a number of key metrics by theater, by sales team, which really helps to pinpoint potential issues in certain theaters or among different teams.

How does Clari help you identify revenue leak?

Karen Walker: Clari gives us a single source of truth across our pipeline and individual deals. It's also very easy for sales reps to adopt it. So updates are frequent, making the updates more real time and more useful. In addition, there are some analytics that we can use to understand macro trends and to compare sales regions against one another.

What would you say to other Finance leaders about adopting Clari?

Karen Walker: Clari is a very intuitive, easy to use tool. It can provide a single source of truth, looking at your pipeline and deal review has a number of useful analytics. It's easy for sales reps to adopt, and it's a tool that I rely on every day.

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