Intercom - Clari Customer Testimonial

November 16, 2022

Sandy White, Head of Account Management at Intercom Americas, shares how Clari helps them achieve better forecasting and minimize revenue leak through reducing deal slippage.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Sandy White, Director, Relationship Management, Intercom

Briefly share your role and what your organization does.

Sandy White: Hi, my name is Sandy White. I'm the director of relationship management for the Americas Intercom. We are a software that is centered on customer communication and our messenger, which you can find on over 30,000 companies websites worldwide.

How has Clari helped you predict your business?

Sandy White: Clari has been an incredible tool for us. My team is an expansion team, which means we own both an expansion number, a renewal's number, a churn number and a contraction number. And so following all those moving pieces across our Salesforce instance is challenging at times and Clari has really helped us visualize all that in one place and help me and my management team get a much better view into how deals are progressing, get notes into there more easily and ultimately understand what's going to close and when it's going to close, much better than we have in the past.

What are some of the tangible business outcomes and quantifiable metrics Clari has helped you achieve?

Sandy White: So the business outcomes that Clari has helped us achieve have been really better forecasting across the board we were able to much more accurately predict where forecasts will land across the various forecasts that we cover, and then also just reducing the slippage of deals from quarter to quarter, having a tighter touch point and tighter feedback loop between reps, managers, directors, and executives to understand what needs to be done within deals, how qualified they are and whether they're going to close within months, quarters, or pushed to future quarters.

Did you have any blind spots in the revenue process before Clari?

Sandy White: Prior to Clari, we really had some difficulty in getting really standardized notes in Salesforce, as far as deal updates went, and also understanding where deals were potentially downgrading or slipping from month to month and quarter to quarter.

What would you do if you didn’t have Clari?

Sandy White: Without Clari our forecasting, and our ability to track pipeline was much more difficult. It was a lot more manual. There was a ton of inefficient communication going on between different individuals and different teams, and Clari has made it so much easier to centralize all of the information that we need all in one place at the time we needed it.

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