Clari Improves RMS Forecast Accuracy by 50%

August 26, 2022

Gagan Sethi, Sr. Director of Sales Operations at RMS, shares why Clari is a one stop shop for RMS' forecasting.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Gagan Sethi, Sr Director - Global Sales Operations, RMS

Could you describe a time that Clari helped you?

Gagan Sethi: As far as results go after the goal I think there are two major factors. We saw one how easy it was to implement Clari and how collaborative the team was during the implementation phase and also during any additional information or requirements, we had uh, the other impact for us was our deal velocity actually improved. We saved roughly about 30 hours of time during implementation or post implementation, finding out which deal slip it was available at the click of a button and our actual forecasting accuracy improved by almost 50%. These are hard data that were undeniably telling us that this tool was really helpful to our sales team and our sales leaders.

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