Gagan Sethi - Why RMS Chose Clari

August 26, 2022

Gagan Sethi, Sr. Director of Sales Operations at RMS, shares why Clari is a one stop shop for RMS' forecasting.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Gagan Sethi, Sr Director - Global Sales Operations, RMS

Briefly share your role and what your organization does.

Gagan Sethi: Hi, I'm Gagan. I manage the sales operations for RMS, a Moody's company. We are into catastrophe risk modeling, and we are on a mission to make every risk known. In the past, managing risk was the realm of insurance companies. Today, It has become an important undertaking across industries and geographies, and RMS continuously advances this effort.

What challenges were you looking to solve with Clari?

Gagan Sethi: When we were looking at Clari, we were primarily trying to solve our deal velocity issue and also looking at a tool which can provide us actionable insights into opportunities and how they're progressing which opportunities are more likely to close versus others. And there was another issue that we saw that we were spending a lot of time reconciling our forecast and actuals at the end of the quarter. We're trying to find out which deal slipped and where they went. And we looked at multiple tools during that time.

What were the main reasons you chose Clari?

Gagan Sethi: During our evaluation, it became very evident very quickly that Clari was miles ahead against the competition for the things that it does and it does well. For example, it was able to provide us actionable insights into deals. We saw how many meetings have happened, how many emails have been exchanged, when is the next meeting scheduled. The managers were having more meaningful conversation with the reps. We also saw that it was very easy for us to find which deals slipped and where they went and which deals have a high probability of closing within Clari. It became a one stop shop for us to look at anything and everything related to our deal velocity and forecasting.

Could you describe a time that Clari helped you?

Gagan Sethi: As far as results go after the goal I think there are two major factors. We saw one how easy it was to implement Clari and how collaborative the team was during the implementation phase and also during any additional information or requirements, we had uh, the other impact for us was our deal velocity actually improved. We saved roughly about 30 hours of time during implementation or post implementation, finding out which deal slip it was available at the click of a button and our actual forecasting accuracy improved by almost 50%. These are hard data that were undeniably telling us that this tool was really helpful to our sales team and our sales leaders.

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