Why Clari is the Best Revenue Platform Available

August 26, 2022

Gagan Sethi, Sr. Director of Global Sales Operations for RMS, shares how Clari has helped improve forecasting accuracy by 50% - and why he thinks Clari is the best forecasting tool available.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Gagan Sethi, Sr. Director, Global Sales Operations at RMS

Gagan Sethi: We have seen significant improvement in our deal velocity and one of the positive impacts for us was the amount of time we saved on reconciling our forecast and slip notes. It has saved us roughly about 30 hours a month on reconciliation and our forecasting accuracy has improved by 50%. The tool we use today the most is Clari for any sales related activity and the modules within Clari that we use today are Forecasting Opportunity and Waterfall. Today we have incorporated Clari in our deal forecasting workflow and it is the best forecasting tool out there.

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