How Clari + Align Runs Revenue at ThoughtSpot

September 12, 2022

Dave Rubin, Director of Sales Operations, shares how Clari and Align helps ThoughtSpot's team focus on what matters to drive outcomes.

Video Transcript

Speakers: David Rubin, Director of Sales Operations, Thoughtspot

David Rubin: Hi, my name's Dave Rubin and I work at ThoughtSpot. ThoughtSpot is the modern analytics cloud company. We sell a platform designed to allow all users to access data and find answers At ThoughtSpot, I'm the Global Director of Sales Operations and I support our sales teams in the Americas, EMEA and APJ.

When you evaluated Clari, what were the pains you were trying to solve for?

David Rubin: We use Clari to drive accountability within our sales organization. It allows us to hold folks to a number, but then we can also see the range of outcomes and possibilities that are inevitable when you're running an enterprise sales team. We're also recent adopter of Clari Align. We love the Mutual Action Plan functionality. It allows us to sell with our customers, and then it also offers us more structure and inspection internally.

What excites you about the combined power of Clari + Align?

David Rubin: Using Clari plus Align is super powerful. Being able to direct your sales reps into one place for them to do all of their work. Just really simplifies what you're asking them and then you can focus more on driving outcomes. I love the idea that Clari AI can tell us the forecast but then it can also pull that detail out from the deals and really bring that into the score and give me more faith in in what it's telling me. I also I love driving a forecast and you know some of the common questions that we may ask is "does the customer know that they're buying when you're selling to them?" And with the Mutual Action Plan we can get right in there. We can see what the customers are saying, we can see what the reps have open. We can really inspect and ask the questions that we need to understand the deal.

Could you describe a time that Clari helped you?

David Rubin: One time that Clari helped me. It'd probably be easier to think about one time that Clari didn't help me! But Clari helps me every day. It helps me recap a week and understand what moved from Monday to Friday, what happened in the forecast. It helps me see the activity reps have, it helps me view our Salesforce fields in a much more user friendly environment. It helps me update those with the write back functionality. Just today we ran a forecast in Clari and it allowed us to dive into all the different aspects. Question the reps, find some next steps, drive things forward.

What does "run revenue like a process" mean to you?

David Rubin: For me, you know, running especially running a forecast call, forecast calls should be repeatable and predictable. People shouldn't be surprised on them, they should know what to expect so they can prepare and they can run their weeks around those. And Clari offers the framework and the toolset to allow that to happen.

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