Carrie A. Gray, Welcome to Cielo Strategy Group!

September 21, 2023

Cielo Strategy Group Principal and Founder welcomes you to our website.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Carrie A Gray

Carrie A Gray: Welcome to the Cielo Strategy Group website. I'm glad you're here. As the owner and principal, I love that you're interested in the work that we do. It's also really important to me that this website illustrates our passion for and our commitment to individual nonprofits and the organizations that support them. I believe in the power of community. I see the impact nonprofits have on individuals and neighborhoods every single day. And I'm grateful for the organizations that are committed to equipping and empowering our nonprofit leaders within the sector. I think of Cielo Strategy Group as just one piece of that puzzle. At Cielo Strategy Group, we bring more than 60 years of combined professional experience in the areas of fundraising and philanthropy, marketing, communications, and storytelling, board governance and engagement, strategic planning and building highly effective teams. We value excellence, meaning we will deliver our very best work when we say we will. We respect our partners and honor the expertise that they bring to this field. We function as a team, and it's important to us that we collaborate with our partners and work as a team. We bring a deep love for people, and we respect the roles nonprofits play in the broader fabric of community. I invite you to take a look around our site. Get to know us, learn about how we work with our nonprofit and foundation partners. When you're ready, reach out, spark a conversation. We want to cultivate this relationship. We want to support you and other nonprofit organizations along their organizational journeys. Thanks for stopping by.

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