Christiana Cacciapuoti for Google Cloud: Women's History Month

March 29, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Christiana Cacciapuoti, SVP Marketing & Innovation, MadHive

Why is Women’s History Month important to you?

Christiana Cacciapuoti: Women's History Month is important to me because it gives us the time and the space to really celebrate all the amazing things that women are doing in our industry and beyond. When I was prepping for this call, I was talking to my mom, kind of asking her her advice, what I should say, and she works in finance, which of course, is another male dominated industry. And she was saying, wow, what an amazing opportunity it is that you even get to talk about this stuff. I've been around for many years, and this is the first time I've even heard of a Women's History Month. And I think that exchange just really crystallized for me how we all are kind of standing on each other's shoulders. And I have the opportunities that I have because of the work my mom and her mom did. And hopefully I, through the work that I'm doing can make things easier for the women that come after me.

Which woman in history has inspired you the most, and why?

Christiana Cacciapuoti: I think the answer to this question kind of shifts based on where I am in my life. But the women that I'm most inspired by right now comes from very recent history. And she's Whitney Herd. So Whitney Herd is the Co-founder and CEO of Bumble. She just recently took her company public, which is an amazing achievement. And she's not only a CEO who is female, she's also a little bit younger, which I think is tough. I've been in those rooms where I'm not only the only woman, but I'm also the youngest by, you know, a couple years, and that's tough. And I'm sure for her it was doubly difficult because she was promoting this product that had such a kind of apologetically female focused product design. So I really admire her for her incredible achievement. And for her so clearly advocating for women not only in her personal story, but also in her product design. And I think that image of a younger woman with a baby on her hip ringing the bell at the stock market, was so powerful. And I'm sure I'm not the only woman who was inspired by it.

What is the biggest challenge for the next generation of women?

Christiana Cacciapuoti: I think the biggest piece of advice that I have for women just starting out in their careers is to be your own advocate. When I was just starting out and interviewing for jobs and negotiating salaries, my dad said to me, no one will look out for you like you will. And I think now, as someone who manages other people, it seems like that's something that comes very naturally to men. But for women, it's more challenging. And it happens more rarely. So I think my advice would be to raise your hand for that very visible project and lead it. Speak up when you have an idea and advocate for yourself when you need to.

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