Chris Gillespie for 2021 Marketing Predictions

January 20, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Chris Gillespie, Editor in Chief & CEO, Fenwick

Chris Gillespie: Hey, Chris from the content studio Fenwick here. My prediction for this next year is that intuition is going to take precedence over data. And I say this because we've just completed a study with 11 of the top B2B SaaS companies and every product leader said some version of, "There are so many valuable things that we know to do by instinct that we just cannot prove. And if we limited ourselves to only doing what we could prove would miss out on some of those things." I think we're going to see a lot of that in marketing. We've gone down a route of performance, marketing and revenue responsibility where people are starting to focus so much on volume and conversions that we're losing the human element, which is why people purchase. How that may manifest - we'll probably, I hope, be more investment in really clear writing, really clear brand, and really clear design.

How will you use video in your marketing in 2021?

Chris Gillespie: One of the ways we're going to use video for marketing in 2021 is to expose our process and what happens behind the scenes to clients. I think now that we're all working remotely, it's a lot more difficult to do that. Video gives us one avenue for showing rather than telling and helping people really understand all that that goes into what we do, which is creating, writing, and designing content.

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