Chesnie Heart Health

November 03, 2023

Dr Brian Chesnie discusses his experience with RCP and the benefits for his patients

Video Transcript

Dr. Brian Chesnie: Hi, everyone. Um, I wanted to let you know that I brought remote care partners into my practice several months ago. So now we have the experience of working with them with many of our patients. And it's really been a very good experience better than I thought it would be. Uh, we're able to track people's blood pressure and heart rates, oxygen levels and weight on a daily basis or even several days a week is beneficial. And if there are problems with those parameters, the nurse, Stephanie is a wonderful nurse, gets in touch with you directly and reports back to me and we discuss medications or have the patient, you know, have you come in if you need to be seen. The most notable example is a man who, um, is actually a famous, uh, athlete who's now retired. And, um, on a particular day he had a heart rate of 60 the next day it was 160 beats per minute and he had no awareness of it. He had no symptoms. But if he stayed at that rate for two or three weeks, he probably would have ended up in the emergency room in heart failure and we were able to fix him very quickly um because we were able to give him that surveillance. So give this your consideration. Um It gives you very good connectivity into my practice and me keeping an eye on you uh more completely than otherwise I really would um appreciate your consideration for this. It's a good idea. Thank you.


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