CHC Video Application for NCF: Helping Children & Youth Reach Their Promise & Potential

January 31, 2023

Video Transcript

The Children's Health Council is a community based nonprofit organization dedicated to helping young people in our community reach their promise and potential. CHC looks to transform young lives by providing culturally responsive best in class services for learning differences and mental health. We're dedicated to ensuring the equitable access to care and believe that cost should never be a barrier. Our agency focuses on serving children, teens and young adults with learning differences, ADHD, ADHD, ADHD, ADHD, anxiety, depression and autism, and we're leading the way to early intervention and better outcomes for young people and their families. Last year, CHC impacted more than 15,000 individuals through our clinics our schools, community programs and partnerships. More than 50% of families accessing care received either financial assistance or had no out of pocket cost for the support and services they received. Families who come to CHC often say things like how difficult it is to know that their child is struggling and not to know how to support them. What they appreciate about us is that we not only give a diagnosis and a basis of understanding of what's happening but also a customized treatment plan. CHC programs range from preventative CHC programs range from preventative to intervention. One program, the RISE Intensive Outpatient Program for teens with severe anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation has been known to literally save lives as teens learn critical skills to help them realize life is worth living. This grant ensures that low income families in our community and other families where cost may be a barrier to accessing services can receive the care that they need. This year, CHC expects to provide $1 million dollars in financial assistance for clinical services alone. This grant will help ensure that a young person in need of therapy and support or evaluation services can receive that care without having to worry about financial barriers. Funds would be used to cover the cost of CHC's culturally relevant, free and reduced cost support for communities in need, ensuring youth can reach their promise and their potential.

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