Ravenswood Open House - 3/2023

April 07, 2023

Video Transcript

CHC Ravenswood Open House

March 21, 2023

Our vision has always been based in equitable access to care. It's always been about inclusive networks of social support and systems of care. And we continue and we plan to continue that vision moving forward. We are so grateful for our partners who made that possible and who enable that. We have lots of visions in our future. We hope that we can expand all the services we're providing here. We're hoping to maybe add some service lines, like we're thinking, where does psychiatry fit in? Where can we add psychological evaluations for youth? There are questions around ADHD or autism. Can we get young people diagnosed early so that we can engage in early intervention? We're thinking about group therapy for kids, where kids can see other kids who are struggling and work together and support each other. We're talking envisioning peer to peer support. How can we train young people to be supports to others? Because young people go to other young people in order to get support, so many ideas and visions of the future. And we're so glad that you have all been a part of this journey. We welcome you and thank you for continuing to be part of that journey moving forward. And thanks to all of you, this work couldn't be done without all of this work couldn't be done without all of your partnership here today and for making this dream a reality.

It's a beautiful day because all of us are making history today in Ravenswood. We are making history for having a place where kids and their families could reach out for emotional support, case management, outpatient therapy that's being done by people or professionals who look like them, share their language and understand their culture and values here in East Palo Alto.

We are going to be able to work with not complete but work together with other agencies that were here in our community providing services, for the whole purpose of making sure that mental health services was accessible and reachable to all of our families and kids here in our community, despite of any type of insurance information, Medi-Cal eligibility or any social economic barriers. So today because of your ongoing support, partnership, trust, dedication, that dream has come true. So thank you on behalf of the many children and families who are part of this community, and God bless each of you.

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