Employee Spotlight: Tony Jones

July 22, 2021

Meet Client Executive Tony Jones.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Tony D Jones, Client Executive

Our healthcare heritage is important to me because…

Tony D Jones: Our healthcare heritage is important to me because it's ingrained in my DNA. I grew up the oldest son of a father who was a physician and a mother who was a nurse. And I saw firsthand every day of my life how they cared for other people, what their jobs meant to them, how important it was for them to provide quality health care to a patient laying in the bed or a patient on the surgery table or coming into the office because they had an ear infection. It's something that I take very seriously and I am very proud to work for a company that takes it just as seriously if not more so. Our whole team at CereCore embraces that and as we are selling new products and selling new services as we're supporting our clients, as we're implementing new solutions and as we're sitting at the table with our our partners, our business partners and with our clients we're reinforcing that and everything that we do. And as a part of a healthcare IT organization, I think that's the most important thing that we can have and it makes me very proud to work here and I just am so grateful that I'm a part of it.

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