Rhonda Mech for Employee Stories

June 18, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rhonda Mech, Client Services Director

I have helped clients on their healthcare IT journey by…

Rhonda Mech: MM. Hello everyone. I'm Rhonda Mac. I was asked to share with you how I have helped our clients on their health care I. T. Journey and I think the most consistent way I've done that is getting to know each client as an individual organization and getting to know the individuals in their organization truly. There are so many commonalities across all health care organizations. But getting to know the particulars of each one is vital to achieving common goals. So getting to know their culture, their stakeholders and collaborating to earn their trust so that they share with us on an ongoing basis what their highest priorities and challenges are so that we can help implement improvements and help improve the experience for their caregivers has been significant.

I am most excited about the future of CereCore because...

Rhonda Mech: I'm most excited about the future of Sarah Core because we think back increasingly so all the time, we truly have the right visionaries and leaders in place. And most of all, we have the most remarkable spectrum of talent within our organization. It's incredible to see the results that we are driving through technology solutions and support services.

What’s different about working at CereCore is…

Rhonda Mech: What's different about working at sarah Core? Well, we've definitely evolved over the last five years that I've been here. But I think most of all it's that in our organization is not about what was, but what will be it is the outward mindset in which we are more interested in the success and progress of others than our own, and we share the delights with our clients and throughout our organization.

At CereCore, we say we are the link to life-saving care. Finish this sentence: I am a link to life-saving care because…

Rhonda Mech: At sarah Core, we say we are the link to life saving care. And I do believe I am a link in my own way, simply because of how much I truly care as a nurse. I have utmost respect and gratitude for those at the bedside. I have even more compassion for those who are patients. Being a patient is one of the most vulnerable situations anybody can be at. So the privilege of being able to still contribute to health care and those within a hospital is beyond gratifying to me. And it is endless work that can only be done by those truly committed two good outcomes. While I do think I am a link more importantly, I think together we are feeling

Say either "We are the link" or “I am a link” and smile at your webcam.

Rhonda Mech: Mhm We are the link.

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