Zac Johnson for Employee Stories

November 03, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Zac Johnson, Clinical Application Support Analyst

How did you begin working in healthcare? Or healthcare IT?

Zac Johnson: My journey into healthcare began with my father, Robert Johnson. He was a retired Navy Corpsman, served in Vietnam, and his entire life was dedicated to service, to his country, to his community, and I followed that example. I joined the Army as an x-ray tech, which is how I got into healthcare. I'm really, I'm really thankful to CereCore for giving me an opportunity to keep his legacy alive through service.

I am a link to life-saving care because…

Zac Johnson: I am a link to life-saving care because even indirect links are a link to the patient, even though I'm not dealing with the patients, what I do directly affects them and the people that have taken care of them.

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