Zac Johnson for Employee Stories

November 01, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Zac Johnson, Clinical Application Support Analyst

How did you begin working in healthcare? Or healthcare IT?

Zac Johnson: My journey into healthcare began with my father, Robert Johnson. He was a retired Navy Corpsman served in Vietnam and his entire life was dedicated to service to his country, to his community. And I followed that example. I joined the Army as an X-ray tech, which is how I got into healthcare. and I'm really, I'm really thankful to CereCore for giving me an opportunity to keep his legacy alive through service.

How does your healthcare background help in your role today?

Zac Johnson: My name is Zach Johnson. I'm with the AMS team. I'm a clinical application support analyst, having a background in healthcare it really helps when you're dealing with the people who are on the frontline, the nurses, the doctors, because you can truly empathize with what they're going through. So, if they're having a terrible day, you kind of know why and then that that tailors your response to them.

Zac Johnson: I am a link to lifesaving care because even indirect links are a link to the patient, even though I'm not dealing with the patients, what I do directly affects them and the people that have taken care of them.

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