Tammie Curtis for Employee Stories

May 03, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tammie Curtis, System Educator, Epic Services

How does your healthcare background help in your role today?

Tammie Curtis: As a nurse for almost 28 years, I feel like my healthcare background most definitely helps me with my current role as a System Educator. Being a Nurse, I understand the workflow and the concerns and the needs of the nurses that are using Epic. And because I'm learning and understanding more about the program itself, I feel like I can help the nurses better understand and use their system efficiently, which allows them more time to give excellent patient care.

I am a link to life-saving care because…

Tammie Curtis: I am a link to life-saving care because I'm able to touch the lives of other people and those people, in turn, are able to touch many more lives. So by helping the nurses and other providers, I feel like I can help other people.

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