Stephen Shriner on My Career Growth

July 19, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stephen Shriner, Client Lead Analyst

Stephen Shriner: My name is Stephen Shriner and I'm a Client Lead on the Level 1 Help Desk.

How have you grown in your career since working at CereCore?

Stephen Shriner: I started my career with CereCore two years ago as a Level 1 Analyst with no IT experience. Since then, I've learned a lot and I've moved into a Client Lead position on the Help Desk.

Describe a rewarding moment in your career at CereCore.

Stephen Shriner: We have a ton of rewarding moments here on the Level 1 Help Desk, we talked to a lot of doctors and nurses we're providing direct patient care to individuals, and when we're able to use our tools and resources to get them back to work, it's a great feeling and very rewarding.

Stephen Shriner: We're the link to life-saving care because we're always available to take your call.

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