Bekah Wilkerson for My Career Growth

March 16, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Bekah Wilkerson, Associate Recruiter

Bekah Wilkerson: Hey everyone, my name is Bekah Wilkerson and I am a recruiter.

How have you grown in your career since working at CereCore?

Bekah Wilkerson: So, how have I grown in my career since working at CereCore? So, I actually joined CereCore back in October of 2022. So, I'm fairly new to CereCore, but as a whole, I think that my professional growth in my career growth is honestly just being able to join the team and then as a recruiter as a whole, I think that I've been able to fulfill those or some hard to fill roles per se. And so crossing that finish line I think is what's been very monumental for myself as a recruiter.

Describe a rewarding moment in your career at CereCore.

Bekah Wilkerson: So, a rewarding moment in my career with CereCore, I would say getting that opportunity to join the team is one of my very rewarding moments within CereCore is just that initial first step, that first entry into the door, because of the culture, the work life balance, all of those things that you know CereCore has going for itself and then also again those hard to fill roles, you know, realizing that I am able to source out those candidates to bring those candidates in, you know, meet with the hiring managers and you know, cross that finish line, I think that is one of the biggest rewards of all as a military spouse myself, there's often times that our careers get kind of set to the side for our significant others, and CereCore has provided me an opportunity to, you know, professionally grow to establish that career and then hopefully just carry it out for years to come and I think as a whole, those would be my rewarding moments per se, I guess, to add into CereCore

Bekah Wilkerson: So, I believe that we are the link to life saving care. just by the initial, you know, sourcing out candidates, starting those conversations with the candidates that, you know, necessarily have the expertise that we're looking for. and then, you know, building those relationships, that rapport, helping them understand the organization, sharing insight, anything that they may ask pertaining to the organization were able to provide. And I believe that we are, we are the link from the beginning. I think that as a recruiter, we are the ones that, you know, start the link. Maybe it's not a full link per se, but we're the ones that initiate the link by, you know, entrusting them with our knowledge and understanding of the organization and then to transfer them over to the hiring manager for those to get fulfilled, you know, and then say that link gets even, you know, more expanded and then of course the onboarding that the link expands even more and then just as a whole as it comes full cycle to complete that link of getting them fully on boarded getting them, you know, within their field that they're hired to do and how that impacts the link to life saving care. I feel like as a recruiter maybe we're the initial step to establishing that link and I feel that that is how I, I am able to become a link to life saving care is just initially from the beginning, I think that we are, we are sometimes the people that you know, welcome them in, we are the people that help them feel comfortable within the organization and everything. And I would say that maybe that's how I feel like I'm the link to life saving care.

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