Recognition: Kevin Naugle

March 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kevin Naugle, L1 Support Manager

The colleague I want to recognize today is...

Kevin Naugle: Jeffrey Hall and Kellen Smith.

This colleague deserves recognition because he/she is great at...

Kevin Naugle: They both deserve recognition. We had an employee who was working on their Epic prelude proficiency and was working through the project and actually just was struggling with that. They were doing the right thing. he just was maybe putting his information in the wrong location. So, I reached out and got a meeting set up, I reached out to the management and they had given me the names of Jeffrey Hall and Kellen Smith. As far as who could help him with my analyst with the prelude. And they met with him a couple of times, and he turned his low scoring project into a high scoring, I think he was able to get that 85 minimum that he needed. So, it was much appreciated for for their assistance and and kind of guiding him to, you know, where he may have been entering information in the wrong location.

What everybody can learn from this colleague is...

Kevin Naugle: What I think everyone can learn from, from Jeffrey and from Kellen is just the fact that, you know, let's break down those silos. let's let's use what we know and and and help others to get where they need to be, and I think it's better just kind of being aware and and what they can teach us as just kind of, you know, we're all one giant team and we need to work together because we're not all experts and everything, but across the board, we do have experts in certain areas that can help pick us up, where we may fall.

The most important thing to know about my colleague is...

Kevin Naugle: I think the most important thing that to know about them is just that they were ready and willing to help, both of them are new to me. I'd actually met Jeffrey at Connection. Funny enough, we sat beside each other at our table, but I didn't realize that was who it was when we first started working together, but now I'd say I don't know a lot about either one of them, but from the help that they were able to give to the analyst on my team, I definitely, I would say the most important thing that I'm aware of is just their willingness to assist and they would get nothing out of this, of helping this person. but I think they did a great job of just kind of making sure that he had what he needed to get this project finished.

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