Kevin Guzman on My Career Growth

July 12, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kevin Guzman, Associate Application Analyst

Kevin Guzman: Hi, my name is Kevin Guzman and I'm an Associate Application Analyst.

How have you grown in your career since working at CereCore?

Kevin Guzman: So it's been so far about two years and nine months that I've been with the company and it's been a good ride and a nice ride and I've just grown, learned, and I've taken the opportunity, even though sometimes I don't know what I'm getting myself into, but it's been a great experience.

Describe a rewarding moment in your career at CereCore.

Kevin Guzman: For those of us who are just coming in to the industry and learning, we are constantly being challenged and constantly being asked to do something that will probably be the first time doing it, but just getting the experience and having someone with so much knowledge and experience there, it just, it makes you feel like you're not by yourself. Right? The team is there for you, and it's just, it feels rewarding.

Kevin Guzman: I am a link to life-saving care because we're committed to serve with purpose in ways that constantly improve the care of our patients.

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