Why Work at CereCore - Jessica Fadroski

March 23, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jessica Fadroski, Sr. Clinical Analyst

Tell us about your career journey with CereCore and HCA Healthcare.

Jessica Fadroski: Hello, my name is Jessica Fadroski. I'm a Senior Clinical Analyst with HCA Healthcare. My career had started with CereCore back in 2019, I had accepted a contract role with an informatics side. I had never worked on informatics before in that particular space. So it was very challenging, but I also found that that was definitely the career path I wanted to take. Unfortunately, back in 2020, I was laid off with many others during the pandemic. I had worked very closely with the recruiters at CereCore and was able to find a new role that was an even better fit for me. So now I work still in the informatic side, but I'm also working in different programs and being able to be on the back end of that. About two years after my contracts had gone through, I was recently accepted into a new role with HCA Healthcare. I am a hired position as a Senior Clinical Analyst.

What's different or unique about working here? What's the work like (culture, projects, approach, team, etc.)?

Jessica Fadroski: The thing that I enjoy most about this role is this family feel that they give me, I am many states away from our direct hub of our team, but yet I still feel like it's been very easy for me to connect with our team. We're constantly, IM'ing all day long, we're collaborating on anything and everything. It's really easy to work together. One of the first things they did when I started here was they connected me with a mentor and that person became my go to for pretty much anything that I would need on this team. And even though he has left further his career on a different team, we're still in contact all the time. That has been one of the best things about this is these professional connections that I'm making pretty much on a daily basis. This the whole base of this team is very collaborative approach. We're working with providers IT connections and just any other team and it's been very easy to make these connections and to sustain them as well.

What has been most rewarding thus far?

Jessica Fadroski: The thing that's been most rewarding in this role is that I'm pushed every single day. Everyday I'm learning something new and it helps me grow bigger into this field. In past roles I felt this sense of like stagnancy that could easily turn into boredom with the role that I was in. I've never felt that in this role, I'm always working to improve our current programs. And the thing that I'm most rewarded and fulfilled by is that my leadership trusts my ideas and helps me move forward in my career goals. But also feeling like I have a sense of ownership here as well.

What opportunities for career growth have you experienced or do you anticipate?

Jessica Fadroski: I started as a Pharmacy Analyst, I moved into a Clinical Analyst role, and now more recently, I've moved into a Senior Clinical Analyst role. It's only been a few short years, but my career path has been benefited by the leadership I've received. The support has been amazing and though I haven't thought much about what will come next, I honestly believe that whatever direction I take will be fully supported.

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