Jeremy Jackman for Employee Stories

May 03, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jeremy Jackman, Senior Director, Epic Services

How does your healthcare background help in your role today?

Jeremy Jackman: I think the biggest impact that my healthcare background has on my current role, is I can understand how the technology that we support, really impacts end- users. So having been a nurse at the bedside, for around 13 years, I understand how technology is used and how it's viewed and what it needs to accomplish to really help someone who's caring for a patient. So that's what I bring with me when I look at the request we get or whether we're supporting providers, or nurses, or whoever it is, at the bedside. I use my past nursing experience and nursing lens on how that is going to to help or hinder. It helps us make decisions on what really is going to be the best solution for helping those caregivers at the bedside.

I am a link to life-saving care because…

Jeremy Jackman: I am the link to life-saving care because I understand clinicians and the technologies they use.

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