Douglas Lee for Employee Stories

September 21, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Douglas Lee, Senior Application Analyst

How would you describe a typical day in your job?

Douglas Lee: I'll start my day off by reviewing my calendar for meetings, checking emails, and updating any outstanding incidents and tasks. I naturally attend any meetings that are scheduled for that day. And those meetings could range from team huddles, educational sessions, to vendor troubleshooting, and business partner check-ins. Also, focus on monitoring the 3M 360 environment by checking basic items like disk space, storage, CPU utilization, and interface engine functionality. Also, keep tabs on any application update releases, any known product issues, as well as any hot fixes that are released for the application.

My job is unique because...

Douglas Lee: My job is unique because I get to interact with coders, clinical documentation specialists and also multiple vendors like Cerner Med Host, 3M, and also HPF and MPF. Also get to work with different teams like data integration and database administration and this is all in the name of patient care. So, for example, if the required patient data is not properly delivered to the 3M 360 application, then, CDI reviewers and coders can't do their jobs to have those patient accounts coded in an accurate and timely matter so that the billing is completed and that the patient information of services is provided.

Tell us something interesting about you personally. How do you spend your free time? Do you have a hobby? Are you learning anything new?

Douglas Lee: I am the father of two highly competitive female junior olympic gymnasts. I'm also the coach of my son's basketball and football teams. I love nature, I love hiking, backcountry, camping, and also fishing. I'm part of a nondenominational Bible based deliverance ministry, where I serve on the security team and my wife is the executive pastor. I am currently studying scriptures of the Bible on a daily basis, so I'm definitely striving to learn something new each day.

Douglas Lee: I am the link to life saving care because my job is a small piece in the grand puzzle of completing the life cycle of healthcare and serving the patient.

Douglas Lee: We are the link.

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