Austin Epperson for My Career Growth

December 01, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Austin Epperson, Meditech AMS Support

Austin Epperson: Hello, I'm Austin and I currently work with the MEDITECH AMS team.

How have you grown in your career since working at CereCore?

Austin Epperson: About three years ago, I started working L 1 support desk and with my connections that I made there, I moved to this new MEDITECH AMS role. And throughout the time I've been here definitely expended all my connections and relationships with people. It's definitely a great opportunity.

Describe a rewarding moment in your career at CereCore.

Austin Epperson: A rewarding experience would be seeing your coworkers and friends, kind of grow and learn as you teach and push them and kind of see them, seeing them take on leadership roles. It's it's a very heartwarming thing to see.

Austin Epperson: We are the link to life saving care because we work and care like family.

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