Andrea Corner for Why Work at CereCore

March 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andrea Corner, Senior Consultant

Tell us about your career journey with CereCore and HCA Healthcare.

Andrea Corner: My career with CereCore started in 2018. I was brought on at the time for the PatientKeeper project, focusing on medication reconciliation as a contractor. I still deeply value and cherish the friendships and work relationships I made during that project. In 2021, I started on the Expanse Project for COG. During that time, we helped create standards that would be used for the entire enterprise for Expanse. In April of 2022, I was asked to become a CereCore employee, which was pretty exciting for me at the time. I didn't really have to give it much thought. I knew that that was the direction that I wanted to go with my career path. So being on the Expanse Project, we just took three facilities live in New Hampshire on January 18th of 2023. So now we're transitioning to six facilities in the North Florida Division and then eventually rolling Expanse out in the entire enterprise. So it's pretty exciting.

What's different or unique about working here? What's the work like (culture, projects, approach, team, etc.)?

Andrea Corner: I feel like CereCore really goes the extra mile when it comes to making connections with those people that you work with. Especially when a lot of us do work from home. Sometimes that distance apart can be difficult when making connections and new work relationships. Some of the things that we've done for team building is we've done virtual Origami. There's been a walking challenge that I participated in. There are movie and book clubs. We've done holiday parties, you know, just they really go the extra mile for us and create that unique culture that I have never experienced in any of the other roles that I've been in.

What has been most rewarding thus far?

Andrea Corner: So what's been most rewarding for me in my role? I would have to say hands down. It's the people that I work with. I truly believe that we're here to improve the lives of others, whether that's directly or indirectly, whether that's physicians, patients, pharmacists. And I believe that we do that through work relationships and making connections. I know that on any day I can reach out to at least 20 people for help on something. You know, I think that's one of the greatest things working at CereCore is you have all those connections, not only at CereCore but within HCA at the corporate, the division and the facility level. So definitely most rewarding are the work relationships that I've made.

What opportunities for career growth have you experienced or do you anticipate?

Andrea Corner: 2023 is an exciting year for me. As far as my career growth goes, I recently started the CereCore certification process and I also was recently selected for the HCA Aspiring Manager Program. So I'm excited to learn and grow those skills and see where that takes me down the road.

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