Cecilia Haynes for 2021 Marketing Predictions

March 18, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Cecilia Haynes, Product Marketing Manager, Sendible

Cecilia Haynes: The first prediction I have is that we should be leaning into personalization. This is specifically for ecommerce and SaaS platforms that are employing a product-led approach by mapping multiple pathways to success. You can identify exactly where users are in their journey and help them reach the next milestone through targeted in that messages and email sequences. This will boost your conversion rates retention rates and help you close more deals. The second prediction I have is that brand should be leaning into their humanity. We're in a very crowded market with a lot of bots and showing that you're a real person. Say, behind your social media handle, will help you build empathy with your audience, space in your customers. And more importantly, it will help reflect that empathy back towards you when things go wrong. We're right now in a world full of crises and any kind of opportunity we can have to build a healthier communication channel, we should be taking. Thanks for listening.

How will you use video in your marketing in 2021?

Cecilia Haynes: Three ways that I'll be using video in my marketing efforts in 2021. The first is to continue creating lightweight training videos for our trial lists. So these are all 1 to 3 minutes long, centered around particular features that help trialist find success on our platform. They're very easy to consume and easy to produce. The second is to lean into video case studies. These give our customers a voice and help them sell Sendible as a platform. They're also great to repurpose into multiple formats. The third is to lean into video on social media. So our social media manager Ellie actually has found that the greatest engagement on her post tend to be video posts. So it's a great strategy to build your engagement and expand your audience.

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