Kelli Lanino for Cathy Sikorski, Esq. Video Testimonials

October 24, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kelli Lanino, Financial Advisor, KL Wealth Strategies

What did you find most compelling or helpful about Cathy Sikorski's presentation?

Kelli Lanino: The great divorce webinar that I just attended that Kathy presented at just gave me a lot of information and topics that I need to consider when I'm working with my clients in that age bracket. So it's very helpful with all of the just points to pay attention to.

Why would you recommend Cathy Sikorski to employers, event planners, or organizations?

Kelli Lanino: I would recommend Kathy Sikorski to anyone to present at a webinar or conference because I just feel the way she presents her information is playing easy to understand and just informative and always.

Why do you think the content provided by Cathy Sikorski is important?

Kelli Lanino: Since many of the divorces nowadays are more gray divorces, the content Kathy delivers for this topic is very timely and very relevant.

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