Private Label Supplements Testimonial

March 02, 2023

Private Label Supplements gives a testimonial about their experience working with Cathedral Payments as their payment processor in the Nutra space.

Video Transcript

Speaker: SK Anderson

Can you tell us about your experience using Cathedral Payments?

SK Anderson: They're working with cathedral payments has been actually a really good experience. Um, the team over there is super responsive was easy to get on boarded and they helped us solve a big problem. We're in the nutritional supplement manufacturing space as well as we have some brands and the guys at cathedral just knocked it out of the park for us couldn't be happier, happy to just, you know, share my experience because anybody in this space knows it's, it can be complicated. Banks don't understand our industry very well and having a, having a, you know, having a company like cathedral in the merchant processing space that gets your business is just critical. So thanks guys, really appreciate it.

How does Cathedral Payments compare to other processors you've worked with in the past?

SK Anderson: We worked with a bunch of different processors over the last 10 years, I would say the biggest difference with cathedral and the many, many other companies we've used is the communication and the service are just second to none. Um they really seek to understand our business and how it works and you know, we have spikes and volumes or we need, you know, some answers quickly. Um They've just they've handled it, they've been all over it for us. Um you know, and we're excited because we're getting like next day funding our limits continue to increase and you know, having been in the business a long time, it's it's rare to find a merchant processing company that doesn't just put you in a bucket and treat you like just another merchant in some huge industry and you know, there's a lot of sketchy players in the nutritional supplement, kind of the neutral space that that will take advantage of the systems but when you're running a legitimate business and you're really trying to grow it and do right by the customers, you need a processor that understands that and we'll just lump you into some big category with all these other guys, jokers in the industry. So we're really excited. All the guys here at pls and in our brands like um yeah, it's it's been a great experience and I'm really appreciative thankful we found these guys

Would you recommend Cathedral Payments to other businesses in the nutraceutical space, and why?

SK Anderson: That. Yeah, I mean if you're considering uh you know, a merchant processor in the in the nutraceutical space in the neutral space, 100%. Um give the guys a cathedral call, give them a shout go for it. I think in my experience you'll find that they totally get it and they want your business, they treat you like you're special. And um and we all are, aren't we? So. But yeah, I definitely recommend cathedral. I think it's a just a good company, well run business and it's it's hard to find companies like that in this day and age. So thanks guys.

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