Katarina Sepulveda for CareerVillage.org Professional Spotlight

March 23, 2022

Learn from professionals in the field of your choosing. Today we have the opportunity to learn from a Chiropractor, Doula, and Lamaze Childbirth Educator

Video Transcript

Speaker: Katarina Sepulveda, Chiropractor, Centered Care Chiropractic

Brief introduction: Please tell us your name, job title, organization, State.

Katarina Sepulveda: Hello, my name is Katarina Sepulveda. I am a Chiropractor, Doula and Lamaze Childbirth Educator at my office Centered Care Chiropractic in Nevada.

Please tell us what kind of student you were in high school and how you decided on your career path.

Katarina Sepulveda: So what kind of student was I in high school? I was a very busy student, I was active in sports. Um Lots of extracurricular activities. Um But I wasn't a really good student. Um so I would say maybe like B. C. Student um I was more focused on enjoying my sports and extracurricular activities however because I was so active in sports um you know I had some injuries and when I would get injured my mom would take me to see a chiropractor and I really fell in love with um that career. And then in high school I had the opportunity to do an externship with a chiropractor in the area and get to see some of the behind the scenes stuff and I thought it was really cool. So straight from high school I went to look into chiropractic school and um see what kind of requirements I needed to do that.

What professional mistake(s) did you learn most from?

Katarina Sepulveda: so professional mistakes that I learned most from um definitely trying different um working at different offices, seeing the different types of practices. There are there are some that are focused on personal injury insurance, cash based, um or different populations, elderly pregnancy. Um Workers Comp. All types of ranges with offices, so I did get to work at a few. Um Some of them I enjoyed, some of them, not so much, um but with each opportunity I was able to learn about what kind of office I wanted to build and eventually I was able to build that office and and now I have my own private practice on where I can work with the population I want to work with hospital professional mistakes, um Getting continued education in something that you're not quite interested in because other people are doing it. Um You know, there's lots of continuing education that I did on personal injury work workers comp. Um I did it because other chiropractors were heavily focused on that. Um and then I did it and I did not fall in love with that career path. Um but of course, again, I learned a lot and um now I'm focusing more of my practice on childbirth and pregnancy care, and that's been a lot of fun.

Was there a question on CareerVillage.org that stood out to you?

Katarina Sepulveda: So a student asked on the CareerVillage site um what classes do you need in high school to become a chiropractor? And in high school you definitely want to be able to be strong in the sciences, um Biology, Math, Chemistry. Um And to have a good foundation in that and then in college um you usually do a testing day to see where you're at in those fields. Um So the college may do a placement exam to see if you're prepared to take calculus in college or um if you need a different um course. So in high school you definitely want to have a strong foundation in Math, Calculus Algebra, Biology, Chemistry. And then of course um you know, be a well rounded student to be prepared to go to college and to be able to balance those courses too.

Professional tip - Something you would tell someone to help them to be successful in a new role or to be considered for a promotion.

Katarina Sepulveda: so a professional tip um would be to be ready to be to take on a new role or be considered for promotion um definitely reach out to someone who's already in that position. Um Get some information from them, like what did they do to be successful? It's always nice to have some inside information about what that role takes. I'm really glad I was able to spend some time interning with Chiropractors, working with different companies um to really see what the behind the scenes work took. Um So that gave me a better idea in my practice. Um And then of course you know be yourself um people can tell right away um if it's not you you're not genuine um if this isn't something that you're really passionate about, you know, people can read that. Um So make sure you know, you're getting into a field that it's something that you feel like you can spend a lot of time reading educating yourself on and it's a field where you really want to continue to grow um and you know continue to be successful in any way. Um Yeah

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