Austin Mitchell for CareerVillage Student Journeys

June 06, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Austin M.

What is your name and where are you from?

Austin M.: My name is Austin M. and I'm from Snellville, Georgia.

What brought you to CareerVillage?

Austin M.: During the college admissions process, I was trying to gather as much information as I could on which direction I should go, how I should kind of set things up. And so, I was just looking online for resources and talking to friends and family about it, and CareerVillage had a good reputation, so I went on CareerVillage, just to look for advice on like, what my mindset should kind of be going into this next stage of my life.

What was the most important advice you received on CareerVillage?

Austin M.: The question I asked that got me the best piece of advice was "Other than getting good grades, what can I do to set myself apart in an effort to help me get a job after college?" And the best piece of advice I got based off that answer was to network with the people I was in class with, my professors, anyone that was in the field that I was going to - to network with them and try and create a genuine relationship with them. And that has served me well since I've graduated.

Where are you now?

Austin M.: So in May 2021 I graduated from undergrad from Georgia Southern University and I got the opportunity to attend the University of Mississippi. I got a Graduate Assistantship there. And my job is basically to work with the football team and the basketball team and to create social media content for them. So I'm tending to this, doing my Assistantship and I'm getting a Master's in Integrated Marketing Communication.

How has CareerVillage has influenced your career path and professional decisions?

Austin M.: CareerVillage has influenced my career path and professional decisions, just by expanding the amount of people that I know, the amount of people that interact with about my field and about my passion. It's helped me create a network of people that I can count on, depend on and ask for advice and help me advance in my career.

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