Canto Cutie at Tucson Zine Fest 2022

May 10, 2022

Video Transcript

Introduce yourself!

Katherine Leung: Hello, I'm Katherine Leung, a zinester based in Vermont. I curate and edit Canto Cutie. I'm originally from Tucson, spent most of my life in Austin, Texas, and started working on my zine in California. Now, I live in Vermont.

What is Canto Cutie?

Katherine Leung: Canto Cutie is a zine about the Cantonese diaspora to reclaim our narrative. Artists and writers all over the world define what it means to be Cantonese within the pages of Canto Cutie, We have four volumes and we're coming out with the fifth this summer.

How can we support Canto Cutie?

Katherine Leung: You can read Canto Cutie completely for free at CantoCutie.com You can purchase copies on our website. If you use the code TUCSON during the month of April, you will get 20% off, which means every physical issue is only $20. Follow our Instagram @cantocutie. We're still growing our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, so I appreciate all the support! Thanks.

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