Nick Cruz Holiday Video Collector

December 22, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nick Cruz

Tell me about your craziest holiday travel experience? Any words of encouragement/advice for folks traveling to see loved ones this year?

Nick Cruz: the holidays are such a crazy time of year. Um I remember there was one time when we, my family and I were visiting my sister, she lives in Virginia, Williamsburg. I believe the drive was supposed to take four hours and we had gotten there had a great time. However, we left when there was a snowstorm and we got caught right in the middle of it and a four hour trip, it was snowing so heavily and so a four hour trip it easily took you know, 89 hours. So that's just a reminder to me, a reminder to you guys that during the holiday season just account for traffic, account for weather events because we didn't, for whatever reason, we didn't expect snow or we didn't, we didn't look at the weather much. So when we got hit we got hit by surprise, so stay safe.

How do you balance self care, work, and spending time with loved ones during the busy holiday season?

Nick Cruz: I think year round it's always important to balance work and life and time with your family and friends. I believe that at all times throughout the year you should be able to have a good balance between those things. Now there's times throughout the year where maybe it's a busy time for work and you'll do a little bit extra. That's fine. But I think that you don't want to have this chronic period of overwork, you don't want to have chronic periods of too much rest. I think keeping a perfect balance is key. I think a way that you could do that is audit your time. Maybe make a schedule. Um kind of, you only have 24 hours in a day, so we have to budget accordingly. You got sleep and then you just write it down on a piece of paper if you need. But I think those are some of the crucial things and I think the holiday seasons are great because it's a wonderful reminder that family and friends are important and it will help you if you've been maybe slacking in the department of um budgeting your time carefully and balanced. That holiday seasons are a good time to reset. Focus on what's important and have that great balance of work and time with your family

Do you or anyone you know have a strange holiday tradition? If not, what is your favorite holiday tradition?

Nick Cruz: personally when I think about things like holiday traditions, I can't think of any weird ones that people have. However um I know that a lot of people drink eggnog um and that to me that I think it's kind of and I don't like eggnog, so if there's one holiday tradition that I'm gonna have it's probably gonna be to not drink eggnog, but I think I think it's um the holidays are nice because when you see one person doing things differently with their holiday tradition, it's nice to maybe one year implement that um maybe not all of it, but taking little pieces bits and pieces from what everybody else does and then you have a more robust holiday tradition that you can have moving forward.

Which classic holiday food or drinks do you love? Which ones do you hate? Why?

Nick Cruz: During the holiday season, I think I'm a big lover of christmas cookies. Um, anything sweet definitely is gonna be one of my favorites things that I hate. I don't know if there's anything I hate during the christmas season, because come on, that would be such a grinch thing to do, hate something during christmas. But I think christmas cookies are great. Anything anything sweet will do it for me.

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