Buzz Testimonial

July 12, 2023

Video Transcript

Samantha: To get going with Buzz was super easy for us. I feel like on the property side, it kind of just took over and started calling our residents for us. Um There wasn't much effort on our end, so that was pretty

Brandi: So typically at this time of the month as of the 11th of July, you were typically around $600,000 owed. Um Today, we are now at roughly $400,000, which is pretty remarkable as far as the collections.

Melanie: So we are seeing properties where delinquency has dropped 23% over the last three months. One recently was a 70% because you are able to look at the last three months of history on a daily basis, not just simply the end of month.

Brayden: is that delinquency is a big, uh, thing at every property. Obviously, you have to collect money. Um, and with working with Buzz, we close out our books every month, um, with less than 1% owed,

I feel like um we've had our delinquency drop um with y'all doing the calls and the emails and the text messages. Um On top of our effort to collect, um it's kind of that consistent everyday thing. It's really helped out.

I would have to say that it is the personalized level of attention that the buzz team members give us that has been a game changer for us. In addition to that, I love the fact that buzz gives us dashboards with information that no other system, none of our property management systems give us the same information.

Brittnay: I have the beauty of it is that y'all take care of everything as the third party, I just have to do follow up questions and everybody is on the same page. There's not a lot of hunting down because they're typically calling me and asking why they keep getting these phone calls and text messages.

Um A it just gives that extra delinquency collection factor. Um I mean, it's hard to connect with every single one of our residents, especially at a property, my size of 688 units, it allows us that time to get out onto our property and go knock on doors and really get people like our faces in front of them uh to try to get that debt paid.

So I would, I would definitely recommend to use Buzz for the reason that you're limited sometimes with your staff. I mean, the managers um get their good and pulled all sorts of ways with buzz, it's a literally an extra staff. It's they're working for you. Um So why not use that? You, you need as much help as you can in this industry, it can get overwhelming. So I highly recommend to use Buzz to do things that we're not able to do all the time. They're working day and night for us. So that's what I do. Like it is automated and that's very helpful.

They love the fact that the residents are being contacted every single day, even with a general reminder before rent is due, that takes the onus off of them for spending their time making phone calls with customers that may not even answer. So now they spend their time, they'll knock on the doors, but really they're spending their time on customer service and on doing the other aspects of their job. So the feedback has been killer on, on this from our teams.

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