Peter W recommendation for Douglas Brown

October 19, 2023

How Douglas Brown helped a client looking for a business to buy

Video Transcript

Speaker: Peter Woo, Matheus Academy

Please describe in 2-4 sentences a situation in which Douglas Brown helped you and the outcome you ended up with?

Peter Woo: Hey, my name is Peter and I had an opportunity to work with Douglas on a small deal. Unfortunately, our business focus changed so we couldn't get the deal closed. But as far as Douglas as a uh broker, top rated knows his stuff. Very honest in description, he's very creative trying to uh do things properly. So if I come back to Virginia again, definitely would want to work with Doug. Hope this help. Thanks.

How would you describe working with Douglas Brown in three words?

Peter Woo: He's excellent to work with.

Why is working with Douglas Brown different from other similar services?

Peter Woo: Honest guy who will give you his, his experience and his knowledge, so definite asset.

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