Business Alliance Inc President's Circle

January 22, 2024

Video Transcript

How does it feel to be a part of the Business Alliance Inc President's Circle?

Hey, just wanted to take a couple of minutes uh to say thank you for uh having Annette and I on the in the President's Circle again, really means a lot to us. Uh We take this business very seriously. We're having an absolute blast doing it. We couldn't be happier with uh being a part of ba I uh Natalie Gina really drew us to it originally. Just uh just how authentic you guys are. The fact that we can tell you, you do care about us, you love the industry, you want to see people succeed and uh just your uh just how authentic you guys and sincere, sincere you are. So we appreciate that. And uh of course, the rest of the team as well uh is just great to work with. So we're hoping for a good 2024. We feel like this is gonna be a great year for us and for Franchising, hopefully for BAI and again, thank you for letting us be part of the President's circle.

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