Business Alliance Inc President's Circle

January 23, 2024

Video Transcript

How does it feel to be a part of the Business Alliance Inc President's Circle?

Hello, my name is Annette Gautier and I live in Washington State where I enjoy being a grandma to five, almost six grandkids who all live very close by. My husband Micah and I owned several businesses in the state of Colorado for about 20 plus years. We even franchised one of them ourselves that we owned and operated for about 19 of those years before selling it and moving up here to Washington. After about a year or so of being semi-retired, we were looking for something in the business brokering space when it was actually recommended to us with our background that we look into franchise consulting. After exploring our options in that space, we found Business Alliance to be the best fit for us. And has it ever been a fun ride and an incredibly supportive experience so far! We have been with BAI now for almost four years and have had the privilege of being in the President's circle. For the last two, we have learned so much from the other brokers in our network and from the valuable content that BAI and their team brings to us in our weekly emails, our monthly Zoom meetings, our up to date Franchisor interviews, franchise conferences offered throughout the year, and our annual conference. I would say the most beneficial thing for us though has been the support and training we have received since day one. Support is always just a phone call away and answers are available immediately. BAI understands that time is always of the essence in this business. So they make every effort to offer help and guidance as quickly and thoroughly as possible in just 3.5 short years, Micah and I have been able to help hundreds of clients find their dream business opportunity in Franchising and it has been the most rewarding experience we have had in our careers as we too feel like we are living out our dream as franchise consultants. We believe everyone should wake up excited for what lies ahead in their day and it's a privilege to help our clients do just that. So we're very grateful to be a part of the President's circle. We are um it's just been such a privilege to be with BAI with the help and support of Natalie and Gina and the whole team there. So we're very grateful for this opportunity and we look forward to many more years with BAI. Thank you.

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