Shawn Goldsmith, Markarie, BAI Supplier

February 27, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shawn Goldsmith, CEO & Founder, Markarie

Could you describe how you work with Business Alliance Inc?

Shawn Goldsmith: Hi, I'm Sean Goldsmith, Ceo and founder of Markarie. We're a franchise development and business analytics provider. We've been around since 2015. We're also a preferred supplier of the BAI network. We specialize in creating qualified appointments uh for your unique franchise candidate. Really your ideal franchise candidate. We've worked with many affiliates within the network as well as some franchisors Instead of the hard work of sifting through hundreds of leads that you could purchase from different areas, not knowing exactly each one of their backgrounds. We try to have you specialize on one niche. We call it our PPP persona pain point purpose and we set up appointments with that specific niche. We've done many different niches depending on the franchise or, or the affiliate or sometimes both if they work on a campaign together. But the idea is to have quality over quantity and that you also have control of your marketing, be it your website, uh your marketing messaging on your personal linkedin or your other uh posts or blogs um and controlling that message and really focusing on that uh that, that persona and having all the messaging going out to that persona being very specific to them. So instead of blasting thousands of leads with the same message, we focus on a very specific niche, give them a very specific value proposition in their own words and make you a specialist with that field, which differentiates your brand or your affiliate offering from other people. Uh Specifically for, for new brokers, we have a quick starter program where we help you with the basics of the website, thought leadership and um uh entry level sales and marketing just to get started uh so that you can create your own pipeline and to keep messaging and branding consistent.

What has been one of the benefits of being a part of Business Alliance Inc?

Shawn Goldsmith: working with many brokers and franchisors over the years. Uh my team at Markarie and I, we've seen all things from having total control over a process to having almost no process. I think BAI has a very good balance of having a systematized process, especially working with us on the quick starter program for new affiliates uh where they still allow for some customization where people and specifically affiliates in this case would have their own persona pinpoint of purpose, so they can develop their own niche with their own calls to action and eventually develop their own uh database of potential candidates to place at franchise brands. Uh So what I would say overall is having the right mix of flexibility yet, having a standardized process has been really beneficial to my team as we could replicate the basics and we can measure from campaign to campaign because we're able to standardize. But we also have the freedom to work with each individual affiliate and sometimes franchise Zor and sometimes both on customizing a unique process with a unique persona pinpoint and purpose for each of their campaigns. But we could always measure it from affiliate to affiliate Zor. Zor and communicate that back to BAI corporate so we can make necessary adjustments to better the campaign.

Tell us what excites you most about receiving a referral from BAI Consultants.

Shawn Goldsmith: For us as a lead generation qualified candidate supplier, a referral for us is someone new to work with, be it an affiliate or a franchisor I always believe in action, speaks louder than words. So when an affiliate or franchisor is able to show their results and show what deals they close and how many meetings they've had. I think that speaks volumes. Uh So we always appreciate when someone recommends us from the network uh to someone else who they think is a great candidate but that they could actually share what's working or what's not working in their campaign so that new candidate uh or that, you know, prospect for us, our partner with us uh is going in with knowledge and has some assurance of what they could expect from the campaign.

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