Mitchell Benson for Business Alliance Inc Video Testimonials

April 09, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mitchell Benson, Franchise Development Manager, A Place At Home Franchise

Tell us the name of your franchise and your role there

Mitchell Benson: Hi there, this is Mitch Benson, the franchise development manager for a place at home. Right. I helped develop the system here with great new owners.

Why was your most recent placement a good fit for your brand?

Mitchell Benson: Our most recent placement through uh BA I consultants was a good fit for our brand. Uh because of their connection to care, their determination to succeed, right? Their location in a target market and their overall culture fit within our brand, right? Uh We think that these folks will work harder than just about anybody else, right? They've got an excellent plan, they're well qualified financially and have a really great plan to get them up on off the ground so that they can be some of an instant star in the place at home system. We just can't wait to see him get started.

Tell us what excites you most about receiving a referral from BAI Consultants.

Mitchell Benson: What excites us the most about receiving referrals from BA I consultants um is that we can build a really strong relationship with that consultant, right? Um Not just me understanding who they are, what their clientele is, you know, uh what best suits them when they're talking about great brands. Uh but also developing that relationship, including the candidate, right? Uh Sometimes you don't get that kind of support down field. Uh but uh ba I is really good about being constant partners throughout the entire process. Um And so when we get a great referral from BA I, knowing that they're going to be there every step of the way with us, the brand, uh just really excites us and makes us work even harder.

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