Introduction to Franchising

January 24, 2024

Video Transcript

Welcome and congratulations on taking the first step towards becoming a registered Business Alliance Inc franchise consultant. You know, small business ownership is on the rise in the US and what greater way to impact the world than to inspire others to bet on themselves and take the leap into entrepreneurship. Every day, another person takes that leap, they go from becoming employee to employer and start a business. More and more this is happening with the vehicle of what's called Franchising. Just wanna take a couple moments to introduce to you to the franchise concept, the franchise model and what it is, you know franchising has been around for decades. All right, it, you know, goes way back into the annals of history to when Benjamin Franklin started his printing press and, licensed the use of his, you know, his, IP, his intellectual property, his branding you know, and as well as the, the way in which he distributed the pamphlets he was printing back then. Today, it's evolved to where it touches over 80 different industries, there are about 8000 different business models out there in the Franchising space. Every single day, what our franchise consultants do, register franchise brokers at, at Business Alliance Inc, they inspire people to, to investigate Franchising as a vehicle as a vehicle that's gonna get them from where they are today to where they want to be in the future. Now, a franchise is not for everyone. Typically, it's not for that serial entrepreneur who wants to always be reinventing the wheel. Who wants to kind of come up with their own image, their own identity, who it is for is, top performing individuals who know how to take a business plan, how to take an idea and then run with it and make it their own in their local market. So when working with candidates, when investigating this business, if, if inspiring others to bet on themselves is something that, that seems like a good fit for you. I encourage you to continue to, to read more um and continue this process and uh looking forward to seeing you on the other side.

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